How Attic Air Is Vented

Shingles absorb heat.

Which, here in Saskatchewan, is a good thing in the winter, but can be bad in the summer. This is why it is important that your roof and attic space is properly vented.

As we know, heat rises. Therefore your attic needs to be well ventilated to manage the heat. Proper insulation is critical as well. When the attic space is not properly vented, it can cause issues all year long. By not venting the warm/hot air our, your overall living space in the home will become warmer and thus more expensive to cool with air conditioning.

In the winter, if the air is too warm, it can easily cause condensation with the cold air outside. This condensation can cause rot in the wood over time. Affecting the structural integrity of your roof. The moisture can also ruin the insulation in the attic and even leak into your living space.

Typically people choose a colour of shingle that best matches the colour of the siding and trim colors of their home.

Although, there are many other factors that contribute to the overall heat of your home. 

However, the dark shingle colours absorb heat. Where lighter colour shingles reflect heat. But … if your home is built correctly with proper roof ventilation, (roof vents and soffit vents) and proper insulation. The colour of your shingles should not affect the overall heat in your home.

During manufacturing, asphalt shingles reach much higher temperatures than the hottest summer days. Because of that, asphalt shingles can withstand high temperatures. But, constant heat exposure can also cause negative effects. Stressing your roof, breaking it down faster, and reducing its lifespan.

The colour of your roof can create hotter or cooler temperatures, as can the roofing material. Roofing materials, such as metal, and lighter-coloured asphalt shingles. Will reflect the sun’s rays.

Other materials, such as asphalt, and darker-coloured roofs absorb the sun’s heat. Radiating it into your home. In colder climates like here in Saskatchewan. It is better to have your home roofed with a mid-toned asphalt shingle. It is helpful in our long, winter months when the darker shing colour absorbs the heat.