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Soffit, Fascia & Eavestrough Installation

As an elite installer of Alu-Rex products, Dynamic Roofing & Exteriors Inc knows quality soffit, fascia and eavestroughs. Our installation and repair services will ensure that your home is able to withstand snow, wind and rain without negative consequences to your roof or the exterior of your home. Our eavestrough installation services in Saskatchewan will prevent:

  • Ice build-up
  • Warping
  • Water infiltration and more

Old installation technologies included spikes and hangers that lead to warping by ice and snow. The new industry standard installation includes a continuous hanger that:

  • Increases sturdiness and extends the life of your eavestrough
  • Protects against damage and water infiltration
  • Offers year-round drainage so your eavestrough remains empty
  • Allows adjustment to your eavestroughs if there is any movement in your house

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Your home’s soffit is the underside of the overhang. This is a very important component of your home because it is the mouth or fresh-air intake of the attic space. The attic space of your home requires fresh air in order to preserve plywood from dry rot and to help eliminate potential ice damming in the winter months. As building code requirements have changed, your house may not be up to current standards, so additional ventilation may have to be cut.


Fascia is the aluminum cladding that covers the wood fascia. Wood fascia is the component of your home to which the eavestrough is fastened.


Your eavestrough, also referred to as a gutter, is the drainage system of your home. It channels the water to drainpipes which divert the water away from your home. Without eavestroughs, foundation walls would be saturated and basements would leak. It is important to properly anchor your aluminum eavestrough to the wood fascia board, since snow and ice put a lot of stress and weight on it. We can do seamless eavestroughs.

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